July 19, 2018

From independent solo musician project Staalklang comes the 5th release Eternal. After meddling with

prog rock and dark ambient synthesizers on previous releases comes the fulmination of those genres.

Mixing those genres making almost movie soundtrack like music. Inspired from synth and prog

rock from the 60s all throughout the 2000s 


Staalklang – Eternal gives you guitar and synthesizer driven music mixing modular synthesizer

eurorack with distorted guitars, bass and drums in a more classic prog rock fashion. Blending in

mellotrons and distorted organs, although there are standalone synthesizer tracks as well as deep

ambient soundscapes setting the mood for the entire album.


The Album will be available on major digital platforms from today. Including: Spotify,

Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play.


For those not using available digital platforms the album is also available in its entirety on soundcloud.



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