Mix and Master

The new album is still not quite done. Some vocals and guitars have been done, but not finished yet. The last bits will be done during the week starting 18th june. By the end of june the mixing and mastering will be done and I expect the release to be available roughly mid or end of july or maybe even at the start of august. It all depends on how fast the process goes once we hit the button and publish.

The photo above is quite fitting for the theme of the album. It could be the score of a horror movie. We got drones, happy songs, sad songs and epic songs.

Here is a teaser of the lyrics and one of the finished songs which is gonna be included on the album. Enjoy.


Luminous Haze

I was finding myself in the midst of the woods Had there been a path it would have been easy But nature and the surroundings were taking hold of my sanity Shadows kept shifting in the distance dancing in the luminous haze

Thats when I saw it. Creeping crawling lurching It was staring directly at me with red eyes gazing deep into my soul The fragments of my sanity were trying to break free of its hold But it was to late for me and I was lost for eternity in a deep unforgiving slumber


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