Three songs.

Three songs are done for the next release.

Working titles are for both album and music


1. Eternal

2. Within the woods

3 Trevor

The 3rd song is already previewed on and in the previous blog post.

The style of this album is becoming very electronica oriented. With Ambient and Jazzy elements. Just a few snippets in one song are so far guitar. There is a guitar based song in the works. Where did all the bluesey and proggy stuff go? Lets see where it goes. The drumming is becoming very nice I must add, and is probably my best work as of yet.

There is a deep dark horror vibe to the music so far. Here is some lyrics from the tune

Within the woods.

I was finding myself in the midst of the woods

Had there been a path it would have been easy

But nature and the surroundings were taking hold of my sanity

Shadows kept shifting in the distance dancing in the luminous haze

Thats when I saw it. Creeping crawling lurching

It was staring directly at me with red eyes gazing deep into my soul

The fragments of my sanity were trying to break free of its hold

But it was to late for me and I was lost for eternity in a deep unforgiving slumber


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