It begins. Album #5

So what now? Decision is made, new album to

be made. Some ideas have been going in and

out of my head some weeks allready.

Time to sit down with the piano and the guitar and get some notes and chord progressions down. This is my normal way of starting with a song.

My Zoom H6 recorder is my dearest friend at this job. I use the Zoom H6 while Im sitting with the guitar and trying different chord progressions. Recording everything. This will probably be my day to day operation for the next 2-3 weeks, besides from my dayjob. I think this album will be a guitar driven album. I have that feeling about it right now.

Im thinking about exploring rock and blues and give it a progressive edge. My first ideas are very soft rock - Guitary, ballady and what not. I think I will have to hunt down a mellotron for this. I also plan on recording alot of nature sounds and city ambience for this album. The Zoom H6 will be in my backpack wherever I go the next weeks.

The album has been given the working title Light In the Dark.


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