2012 Dawn

Debut album Dawn was released in 2012, it contains progressive elements and exploration of synthesizers vs distorted guitars. It contains a ballad called One, about finding back togheter after rough times. And the epic finale Dawn about a hospitalized person having a panic attack thinking about the afterlife and is there a god?

The SEA trilogy


The second album and the first in the SEA trilogy, Solace. I began writing this after my mother unexpectedly passed away during summer of 2013 while I visit her and my family at summer vacation. It tells the story from when I leave my home, thoughts about not visiting her as much as Id like. Then the faithful morning when she passes away. Walk with me stands as her funeral, I imagine holding her hand one last time while carrying her coffin. Then the title track. Do I find solace and comfort while I grief and mourn. 

2016 Solace

2017 Etched

The third album Etched is the second installment in the SEA trilogy, dealing with the aftermath of my mothers passing. It is now 3 years later and I imagine her afterlife in this album. It is composed using modular synthesizers. There is added guitars and drums on some tracks.

2017 Abolishment

My fourth album is the third and final in the SEA trilogy. It deals with comming to terms with the loss of my mom and ending the griefing. This album is heavily synthesizer based.  The tracks tell the story, Lament, Torment, Cement. Phrygian diminished based tracks using synth harmonics. It should have been one track but I decided to divide it in into three tracks. You lament and grief, then you torment yourself with questions until you just cement yourself and become a solid shell. Then you slice and dice yourself free from it all and try putting the grief and sadness away. The last track Element of dawn is a revisit to my first album. Dawn as in a new era, but allso its the first song my mother got to hear from the musical side of myself before releasing it back in 2012. 

This concludes my SEA trilogy, the sea of life and death.

2018 Eternal


The fifth album released summer 2018, contains a musically story driven concept about life vs death. It contains 10 tracks and is my biggest effort yet. Both production, recording and mastering have been revamped and quality wise its stand out as far evolved compared to earlier releases.

The mix of styles of the songs gives you both ambient drones with synthesizers and tight prog rock pieces. There is even a mix of these genres on certain songs. It starts of with a drone piece to set the mood, then a happy song with a sinister message. Then onto even more sinister darker stuff until we find the song Nemesis which is a drone prog rock tune with guitar elements. Legends is an experiment of a modular synth song with jazzy vibe. The album continues with its epic prog piece The spark withing before it ends of with drones and synthesizers in the grand finale Abyss.

                                                                                             2018 Breathless

Album number six, released 26.10.2018 is sort of a short concept EP. Dealing with false religions and man made gods like money, religion and power. The five first tunes are to be looked on as a whole and could be one single track. While the last song stands on its own. Its a very mellow and different album. Its very guitar driven and leaning towards ambient electric guitar soundwise. Although there are guitarsolos and sung and spoken words.

Recorded in Birchmound Studios fall 2018.

2018 Elements

The seventh album was out just before christmas 2018. It was recorded togheter with the Breathless album, but I decided they had to be put apart as seperate albums. This is somewhat a concept album. With elements in nature, like Air, Water, Fire and Earth. So those are songs on the album. However the elements work fine alone, but also togheter they make for an interesting aproach with a new tune consisting of all songs prior on the album. It was quite an ordeal to write and record.

Recorded in Birchmound Studios fall 2018.

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