I live in Bergen, Norway. Born and raised in an industrial small town beneath the jotunheim with 1400 meter high mountains on every side and the narrow world longest fjord out to the north sea as only escape. This, nature and life influences my music in many ways.

My musicianship began at age around 13 with the commodore amiga and soundtracker/protracker making music for the “demoscene” on the amiga, grew up with chiptunes and heavy metal.


At older age I grew found of prog rock and about any music as long as it sounds good. Music is an universal language in any form. However I find progressive rock and ambient electronica to be closest to my heart.


I am a self taught multi-instrumentalist. Main instrument is guitar, but play drums and keyboards/piano very well. Later years i have become interested in modular synthesizers and self generative music. Trying to discover ambient music from both synthesizers and other instruments with my own aproach giving it melody. My debut album was out in 2012, my latest and 7th album was released just before christmas 2018. Been more or less active with music and composing since 1987.

My latest albums reflects my synthesizer based progressive/ambient side. As my first albums reflect my metal and progressive elements with guitars as driving instrument.

© 2019 Staalklang.

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